Tamara Bernadette


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How to Create the BEST Spa Day in the comfort of your own home!

Women. We take on a lot of responsibilities in our everyday lives. We do so much for others and we tend to neglect our self. It's time to take back our peace and connect to the inner person and begin that journey back to you.

Who this is for: new moms, old moms, no moms, working women, unemployed women, exhausted, or not. It's for anyone who needs a break, a pick-me-up, a renewal. Learn how to create that special day to focus on you, all while being in the comfort of your own home. You don't need permission. You are your own permission.

Let this book guide you through the steps to create your best Spa Day experience.

It's your day and you owe it to yourself to be your best. Start there and see what happens.

Be ready. Before you begin your spa day, be sure you are as alone as possible. Get your partner, spouse, roommate to give you a day, an evening alone. Ask your spouse to take the kids for the day. This will set you up for greater success. If not, ask to be uninterrupted for a few hours.”

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A journey in a course correction of love that opened my eyes to see the truth~

Why do you need this book? This is a book about a facing the truth about yourself and the long journey through finding real faith. When the odds were against her, Tamara wanted to quit. But the God she had come to know wouldn't let her. "God wouldn't do that," she was often told. Oh yes. God will do whatever he has to to get your attention, even if it means losing everything. He will tell you end at the beginning. However, what you don't know is what will happen in the meantime, while you wait. You learn to love the way Jesus loves and it isn't the way you think. It's painful, humiliating, and eye opening. It's a new path. It was a new path for Tamara. This was the beginning of a new kind of love that gave her new life. If she can change, you most certainly can, too.


ByRanmanon June 22, 2016
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Empowering and thoughtful reading for the soul. Light paperback that's thin
enough to carry with you wherever you go. Easy to understand and digest.
Full of inner strengthening reminders and cues. Tamara Bernadette undoubtedly
writes from a place of experience and triumph. She shows you signs to look for
in your own heart, and how to not blame the world for your own error. An
inspirational readers delight.


Do Your inner work with the Workbook

The Workbook

So you've made mistakes and you're at a crossroads in our life. You're stuck and you don't know what to do. Nothing is the way it was before. Everything is out of control, but who's to blame? Are you asking yourself how you got to that point? Are you thinking maybe you're ready for change but not sure where to start? Are you ready to get to the root of the issues you have inside? Are you ready to face yourself? This is a good place to be to start your quest to reveal the woman you truly can be. Maybe it's just to get back to who you were before. Maybe you need to see yourself for the first time; the way you have loved along the way in your life. Over time you lose focus, get off track and one day you realize something has got to change, and it starts with you. This workbook is to guide you in the journey; a safe place to connect with who you are and who God designed you to be. Some say we get to a place in our life that it's too late to change. But with God, all things are possible. This book is for you if you are ready, to be honest with yourself and stop searching for answers outside of you. This workbook was written from the experiences that brought Bernadette to the changed woman she is today. She not only asked herself these question, she lived them out. Although it was through many challenging years for her, this workbook is designed to help you answer these now, in your own safe space and meet Jesus along the way to change. Are you ready?