Tamara Bernadette

having fun with apps

I had so much fun with this app. It's a recent picture but it made me look 20 years younger. That made my day. And once upon a time I wanted to be a screenplay writer.

I look at this as a reminder that our life is a movie. It's played out in real-time. We are the star of our own movie. How will You live it?

This was a few years back. A beautiful day at Alki Beach in West Seattle, Washington. One of my favorite places to go on a warm, sunny day. I'm posing here with my vivacious cousin. We brought our kids out there to enjoy the day. I remember it being so hot that day. I loved it.

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Sometimes you have to do whatever you have to, to get yourself out of a slump. Even if that means selfies until you are genuinely smiling.


a night out with my family for my birthday. This is taken in the elevator as we were leaving. such a great time.

family time

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my boys. One of my sons is missing. This wasn't planned so he couldn't make it, but we sure missed him.

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me and my beautiful niece

My niece came out to join us at my birthday party. It was fun for everyone.Your content goes here...

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Me and Miyoko. Doesn't she look so pretty!

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laughter is the best medicine

The change was long overdue and the road was long and not without great struggle. Here, I am thanking the City of Kent for recognizing the work done in Youth and Families programs.
It was a special day of honoring the President of the Cultural Center and the work that had made a big difference in the neighboring families, schools, and communities.


Sometimes we need to get away and think. This is a weekend on the Oregon coast that I looked out to the ocean and felt the peace that was calling my name. That peace that transcends all understanding in times of pain or confusion. Holding on to the word of God.


I got to visit Connecticut for the first time. Beautiful place. The weekend went by so fast, I was home in bed in a blink.

The Surroundings were calm and peaceful. I got to take in the fragrance of my favorite flower; Lilacs, which are all gone now in my hometown. All dried up.

There is nothing like walking in nature to keep you grounded. This will be marked as one of my favorite weekends of my life. I don't know if I'll ever return to this location, but I do have plenty of pictures should I feel the need to reflect on those moments.

Just a soft, rambling stream flowing as I walked along the path. I could have sat there for hours, but I had to keep moving.

Getting ready for the party. The picture is blurry but it's the best of the bunch. I'm not a selfie picture taking kind of person, but I thought... what the heck. I need to start picture journaling anyway.

Do you see that background? Isn't it gorgeous? I just had to get a picture taken with that back scenery. I can't even begin to tell you how breathtaking this place was. I had a great time at this reception and the whole weekend.

Do you remember photo booths? I know they're in shopping malls again but I hadn't been in one in years. What a treat and a surprise to have one at a reception! I was a little shy of it, crazy I know, but it had been years.

There were props available to add character to your pictures if you wanted. Go into the booth, get behind the curtain and then... snap 1, snap 2, snap 3 then finally snap 4. One minute later, there you go- your new fun pics!!

I had so much fun I went back for a second time. These here are the results of the second trip. The first one was with my mother, who thoroughly enjoyed the fun!!

believe in the Promise

If God gave you a promise, you must believe it. Even if it takes a lot longer than you thought it would ever take. You don't know what blessings will come with it, if you wait for it.

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