Tamara Bernadette

Why Would Someone Want To Be Coached?

When I think of coaching, as a client, I think of how is it going to help me? What do I get from coaching and how will I benefit from it?
It's a team effort. Some people may have the idea that the coach does it all, but that's not true.

I learned, from my experience that you get what you put into it. Being honest with yourself and ready to do the hard work is a huge part of the coaching process.

For some, it may take longer to break old habits or start new ones. We tend to hold on to what is comfortable. We fall into what is familiar for fear of the unknown. When you do that, you should ask yourself, "is this moving me forward?"

Well, it isn't easy to make changes alone. It isn't easy having a desire to change and not knowing which way to go. So you ask, where are the resources? What are the steps I must take? Do I have to talk about everything? 
No. Most people will come with one thing in mind. We work out a strategy to achieve the set goals. Usually, it will affect other areas of your life. When one thing changes, it makes a difference in other areas, too. 

What is coaching? 
Think of a teenage boy on a baseball team lacking in skills. The coach sees his potential and works with him to improve. Maybe his batting needs to improve. Maybe it's catching the ball. Perhaps he's a pitcher or catcher. The coach will guide him and give him specifics to keep him practicing on his own. So the kid will gather his brothers, go out to the field and practice throwing the ball, practice hitting, practice catching and so on. During practice, the coach sees the improvement and guides him to the next level until he reaches his goals.

The coach encourages the kid so he doesn't give up. He will motivate and inspire him. He will teach him new ways to hold the bat, focus his attention when throwing a pitch, or where to the run when getting ready to slide into home base. The coach is like your personal cheering squad. They believe in you and can see something in you, and they guide you to help you achieve that goal.

*I am upfront about this. 
I am a Christian. I am called to help people. I have been through many years of what I call the wilderness years. I did a lot of my changing on my own and it was the help of the Lord that helped me. What I know for sure is that we don't go through things to hold it and never help another. No. It's for others who are hurting and are going through hard times. We are called to help others and the Lord will change your entire life when you are called. Coaching is part of that calling. 

I talk about many of my experiences through blogs or videos. It's there to help people to make quick changes and to know they're not alone in their journey. Life can be difficult and sometimes just need a little short-term help to make a big difference.

If you're interested in me coaching you, please contact me about setting up a time to chat. Let's see if this is something that will work for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.





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