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Change: I know about change. I have been writing about it for several years now, but my writings have been about the change in myself. During that time, my writing primarily has been about my experiences in the years following my divorce. I admit in the beginning I was angry and bitter, but over time I was forced to look at myself and what I did in my marriage, what I had done to my family and myself. I lost everything I owned over a substantial period of time. I was away from everyone and everything I loved. I spent many of those years in what I refer to as the wilderness years. I was wandering about in the desert, and I was isolated to a small degree. It was strategic, I later realized. It was all to get my attention.

You see, I was running from the Lord. I had a call on my life and I ignored it. I had to get to a place where I only had Jesus to call on for help. During that time in the desert I came face to face with myself and all I had done. I couldn't run from that person in the mirror. I couldn't run from God anymore. My time was up. He wanted me to get my attention, and he did.

I had to change. I needed to change. Everything about me was in desperate need of a re-creation. I spent my life thinking about myself and the funny thing is I didn't think I did. But when Jesus tugs at your heart, you begin to see things in a whole new way. You see yourself for the first time and you cannot put blame on others anymore. You are accountable, and that is what Jesus showed me.

I'm different now. I have been through those dark, lonely and fearful days. Thank the Lord I learned from my experiences and I want to help others in their days of confusion in the wilderness. It's what I write about. It's the content of my books I write, and for the topics, I speak about. I know about change. I know we need help in that area and that is what I am an expert on: CHANGE.

My focus and purpose is about what it takes to change and what that looks like. I hope you enjoy the blogs, videos and workshops on this site. Everything on here is an expression of God's work in me.

Thank you for visiting.

Tamara Bernadette

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