Girl Changed


By: Tamara | February 28, 2018


This is not the post I was intending to write, but, for now it's what I need to share.

Sometimes we need to just be quiet and listen in silence. There is much wisdom to be had in silence. Our immediate struggles and confusion can be solved in silence.

It's said that we have the answers inside of us, already. All we need to do is get still, quiet and out of our own way.

Confusion comes even when you are on the right track. It happens. We could be doing too much. We get so excited and want to keep going when we should stop, take a break, but we don't. We keep going until our mind plays tricks on us and then we get off course. For course correction, get quiet. Find peace and listen to that still small voice that will lead you back.

I did that. I w...