Girl Changed


By: Tamara | May 11, 2017

Love is many things… as we know. But what Love isn’t, well… that’s where we begin.

In my story I believed I may have cornered the market on what NOT to do in love. Love is the beginning, the center, and the purpose of all things. It’s what drives us to do any good thing. It is the compass of our life’s direction. It’s how we arrived into being, and back into the arms of the one who created us when it is over. But in between it all is life, right here on earth. And that’s where we mess it up! We are in the day-to-day living with our family, in our community, our friends, and in our jobs. All may not be so well as we try to go through this journey alone. We get off track, or for some of us, we have no idea anything is wrong. We’re just goi...

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