Girl Changed


By: Tamara | June 08, 2017

In closing

It's important to remember that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. It is because of him that I have a second chance and for that, I am forever grateful. When we put our trust in people we run the risk of being hurt in some form or another. People may make empty promises that we count on only to be broken. People will fail us, but Jesus is always there to pick up the broken pieces and make something beautiful out of the scattered mess. That's what he did for me.

Love is the ultimate reason we are here. Somewhere along the road we miss it and get off course. We let our stubborn, worldly ways that we've come to know, pull us along through this life until it falls apart. But I thank God I didn't get stuck there. I thank...

By: Tamara | June 07, 2017

This was not a surprise to me. Being a new person in Christ would have to have self-control. There is no way a person running around with a mouth like a loose cannon could ever be thought of as a Christian. However, that was me. I have been a Christian since 1982-83ish, and I have had a temper. I said what I wanted in between my up and down insecurity. Before I was a Christian I was one way, then after... I was pretty much the same. That’s sad, but it’s true for many people until the Lord gets them and says, “it’s time.”

I wasn’t a, ‘tell it like it is’ or ‘I have to speak my mind’ kind of person. No. It was in standing up for injustices against people or the wrongs that people committed. I spoke up for others but in the wrong way. If it hu...

By: Tamara | June 05, 2017


When I was a new Christian, I was learning about asking Jesus certain personality changes in me. One thing I used to hear from many seasoned Christians was, never ask for the “P” word, also known as patience. I needed patience and I wanted to ask for it many times but with that looming over me I never asked. The need to have it was ever present, but I dared not ask.

That did not keep me from having to learn it anyway. I did learn, over a long period of time. But to speak from my experience, it wasn’t until I surrendered to Jesus, sincerely. That wouldn’t be for another 29 years. That’s a lot of years of struggles and fighting. I spent many years of trying to do things my own selfish way and not having success. And I also s...

By: Tamara | May 31, 2017


Goodness of character can be defined in so many ways. Raising your sibling’s kids so they don’t end up in foster care is goodness. Picking up a few people to take to church every week because you want to is an act of good character. Feeding the hungry, providing school supplies for the poor, donating clothing and goods for the needy are all good deeds. But how do we implement this characteristic into our everyday life?

In my past, I never had a problem with giving. In fact, I love to give. I loved to give things, to be a provider of material things needed. I loved giving gifts and when I was able, I loved being the one who paid for someone’s wish to have a manicure, a new dress, a work wardrobe, new shoes, new makeup... I loved sendi...

By: Tamara | May 24, 2017



Isn’t it ironic how the very thing you are working on comes up with its own challenges to help shape the result? I find it funny. I had to. The topic of peace for this chapter was on the next phase of my writing schedule. But life had a few interruptions and I was already in a state of peace to deal with the issues coming at me.

I was in the beginning stages of changing my cell phone with a company I have never dealt with before. I was keeping my phone, but going with a different server. That was the beginning of a two day, 3-4 hours of talking to several different people, over the phone at different levels in the technical support department. Then finally, after all that time, all the glitches were taken care of with a pho...