Girl Changed


By: Tamara | May 11, 2017

Love does not envy

Is happy for others,

Is not jealous

Stays in their own lane~

I’ve had many dreams in my life to accomplish certain things; travel, look a certain way, have nice things, a nice home, and have a luxury car. Who hasn’t, right? There’s nothing wrong with that. We should dream, set goals, aspire for more. But what if what you want doesn’t come easily or it doesn’t come at all? What if you see other people close to you having their dreams come alive? What if it seems easy for them and you are on the sidelines struggling? What if they are succeeding in the very thing you have always wanted to do? You may not even know the person you’re jealous of. Just someone who’s made it doing what you always wanted to do, but you have ha...

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