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By: Tamara | May 11, 2017

Love does not boast

The Bible tells us not to boast or brag. It says we need to do our best, give our best and do it without calling attention to ourselves. What is really happening when we are boasting? What are we saying when we are calling attention to our accomplishments, shining light on deeds? Aren’t we really saying, ‘don’t see them, see me? See how great I am. See what I did. Hear what others said about my skills. See me.’

Why do we do it?  Isn’t this something we expect our kids to do when they’re say, 4 or 5?  But too often we see it in adults. Maybe it’s that little child within us that hasn’t been validated, recognized, or encouraged and we’re looking for it now as adults.

What we have done is taken our focus off...

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