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By: Tamara | May 11, 2017

Love is not Proud

When I read that, love is not proud, I had to think about it. You can love your culture and be very proud of where you come from. I think of my own Creole culture and its music, food, history- I’m very proud of that. But that’s not the pride Jesus is talking about here. Have I been too full of myself out of pride or arrogance to do the right thing, such as apologizing for something I have done to somebody? Well, yes I have.

I can recall a time in a job I had that I felt it was my study to fix all the injustices in the workplace. I did this in other jobs, too but this one the Lord showed up and taught me a few things. He caught me off guard, as He does and worked on my heart.

Who did I think I was to ig...

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