Girl Changed


By: Tamara | March 16, 2018

Goodbye, Dear Friend

It was bound to happen. I knew one day I was going to have to say goodbye to my trusted, green friend. My little green Kia. She was already a bit old when I bought her, but I bought her anyway. Like picking out the runt of the litter, I chose her.
I sold my beautiful car I had before her right after my divorce. I was angry, bitter, lost and I wanted a car that separated me from the past. Well, that is what I got in my new little Kia. 
This little car has seen me through years of trials. Struggles, deep snow, thunder and rain so thick I had to pull over to let it subside before I resumed driving. 
I had several trips moving my baggage and boxes of my belongings from one place to another. It went fr...

By: Tamara | May 24, 2017



Isn’t it ironic how the very thing you are working on comes up with its own challenges to help shape the result? I find it funny. I had to. The topic of peace for this chapter was on the next phase of my writing schedule. But life had a few interruptions and I was already in a state of peace to deal with the issues coming at me.

I was in the beginning stages of changing my cell phone with a company I have never dealt with before. I was keeping my phone, but going with a different server. That was the beginning of a two day, 3-4 hours of talking to several different people, over the phone at different levels in the technical support department. Then finally, after all that time, all the glitches were taken care of with a pho...