Girl Changed


By: Tamara | October 31, 2017

What is girl changed? Did you look at this name, title and wondered, what is that? What does that mean? Well, if you didn’t read my welcome page or about me page, then I’ll explain.

Girl Changed came about from having gone through everything I went through, the dark days, the long seasons of being what I refer to as the “wilderness years” and coming out a completely different person. A new girl. New. Changed, in every way.

There was a lot of pain, isolation, old, forgotten memories that surfaced-not for torture, but for growth. You have to face yourself to be able to move on and be a better you. I wanted change in my life. But I didn’t think it was me who had to changed. But, I found out the hard way that it was me who had to change fir...

By: Tamara | May 11, 2017

Love Keeps No Record

of Wrong Doing...

Let it go~Forgive

One of the TOUGHEST lessons I ever had to learn was to forgive. To forgive doesn’t mean to pretend it didn’t happen. It doesn’t mean that person gets away with it, either. However, it is something we have to master in order to have real peace. Holding grudges does not make you better, stronger, or smarter nor does it give you a one up on anyone, because it really does imprison you.

There are many people I had to forgive, and many things I had to let go of. As I began to let the memories run through my mind, I would feel the emotions of the pain it brought back. I would get angry all over again, but I knew I didn’t want to stay there. The past was over and I wanted to move on. I had ...

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