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By: Tamara | June 19, 2018

What is coming around the corner? New content theme! Why am I so excited about this? Because I have been working on this for a long time and it's finally a good time to begin to get it out there. It's an important subject to me because I see it often; people not taking care of their self. They may be tired, sick, depressed, give up, lost, or confused about the next season of their life. What follows is they neglect their own health. 
It took me going through a health scare to wake me up and it's been on my heart to talk about his, but I hesitated. It is  important to think about yourself, even if you are a mom, or wife, or business person, so many hats. We wear so many hats and it can be overwhelming. What usually happens is you get lost in the mix. 

Taking care of the kids, grandkids, aging parents takes a lot out of you. You may not realize it because  you are in auto mode. You lose sleep, and forget to eat or just eat whatever is in front of you. That may be convenient, but you have to think about how food affects you. And it does have an effect on our bodies. Certain foods can drag you down. They can cloud your mind, dehydrate you, raise your blood sugar, depress you, oh, yes. The list is long. If you are living alone, it's so easy to eat the wrong foods. It's inconvenient to fix a meal just for you, right? So why not just eat what is easiest? Once in a while is fine, but to make that a habit is not good. 
We stop caring about how we look. Or I should say we care, but we don't do anything about it. We get to a certain age and we think, 'what for.'  And that is a problem. You forget you are still here. You are breathing, and you do matter. People depend on you and that means you need to take the time to take care of yourself. 
I'm a child of the baby boomer generation. I think of my grandmother. I loved her more than anything. But grandmothers are different now. We look younger. We dress differently than they did. Most grandmothers don't look like grandmothers. And that's a cool thing. We don't have to dress like our kids to be fashionable. There is a whole new market for people like us. We love our age and our wisdom, but we don't like some of the aging processes we go through. That can cause us to get down on our self and want to give up. Don't!! It may be extra work, but it's worth it. We need to be tender to our self. We need to make us a priority. We don't need anyone's permission except our own to make the right choices for our life. 
That is why I am so excited. It's about change. Yes. That is my theme, Change. We all have to at some point and as we age, we have to change. We have to, to some degree. Life has brought us through many trials and we learn from them. Spiritual, mental, physical. Our eating habits, medications for some of us, more supplements, attitude, mindset. It's all new as we get older. We can stay young at heart, but you must start taking care of yourself. We can no longer take that for granted. And for some, it means learning to think healthy for the first time in your life. That is a learning curve for sure.
I look forward to bringing you these posts and videos on this topic. I hope it will help you make a change in the direction of healthy living. And, to be good to you.  

Here's to you!!



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