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By: Tamara | April 12, 2018

~Taking Care Of My Health

I'm taking a little bit of a detour for a bit from my normal writing. Today I want to talk about health and healing.

I don't have the energy I used to and you'd think that sitting down to write isn't a big deal, but when you have a mild case of rheumatoid arthritis, it slows you down. I find that I want to take a lot of breaks and sometimes it will turn into a nap. That just messes up my day.

This is new to me. I usually can sit for hours caught up in writing. But now, it's all I can do to sit and write for a half hour.

Today had to be the worst. I wrote this in small increments of time, I'd write a sentence and lay down. I wrote another and got up so I wouldn't be tempted to go lay down. I wrote another two sentences and took a dinner break hoping that getting substance in my stomach would help me finish. So far so good.

I put pressure on myself because I want to get my writing done, complete, follow-through on something I have started. I have a long history of not completing things and have changed my life that now I complete everything. I have a scheduled plan to complete writing projects on certain days and this being one of them. Unfortunately, this R.A. thing makes you tired, causes great pain, and causes foggy brain.

I tried so hard not to fall into the description of this disease. I started eating much better, taking supplements, even when I'm tired and in pain, I try to go out for walks daily, rain or shine. And that's saying a lot for living in the Northwest.

Today it rained. Yesterday was sunny. The day before, rain... you get the picture. I need the movement and fresh air. It was definitely shorter than the walks I usually take. But, hey, I did it.

As with many people, you don't realize how important your health is until you are faced with something that threatens your well-being. Your whole life can turn into something you don't even recognize. Learning how to cook in a way you never thought you would have to, ever, has a major part in your day. For me anyway.

I wonder, 'What am I going to eat? What can I eat?' Really. This goes through my mind daily. Until I get this wholefoods, gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free, no night-shade foods, no caffeine, thing down, this is how it is.

It's all new to me. I stopped for a while and the pain and problems came back to try to take me out. But I already knew what to do. I jumped right back on it. Only this time, the pain is worse and stays on longer.

I know I can keep doing my writing and putting out there. It just may not be as often as I'd like. Until I can manage this inconvenience, I'll just take it one day at a time. My planner will not be set in time slots to follow anymore. For now, it will be on my to-do/task list. If I get to it, great, if not, there's still tomorrow.

I did it. I finished and no more breaks after dinner. Yay! I can check this off for the day. 


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