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By: Tamara | January 26, 2018

Sometimes you may think you just can't make it. You go along doing everything right. Then after awhile, things still don't seem to be improving and you can't take it any longer. Despair sets in. 

What gets us to that point? You know God gave you a promise, why can't you keep going? The days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. Months turn into years. You consider the end. Is it worth it? 

In the early stages of taking this journey of change, you want to tell everyone. You hope they will understand why your life is suddenly upside down and they will be a great support for you. After all, you are listening to God and he gave you a promise. But instead, you are receiving indifference. Nobody, not even your believer friends and family  understand what you're going through. They may even distance their self from you. Why is that? Too much of this and you're ready to quit, why bother, nobody is supporting you. 

I understand. I have been there and I am guilty of wanting to quit before it was time. Many years I've cried out to God and asked why and when. Two questions I found he rarely answers. We have to trust, period. 
I thought I was losing my mind at times. Did I make it up? Did I really hear from God or was it my imagination? Did I call this to myself? No. I'd never wish such hardship on myself as I'm sure you wouldn't either. But at some point, you made a decision to trust his word and surrender your will and let him lead you. You're tired of being alone and it hurts sometimes and you want to quit. 

So, he gave you a promise. You know how it's supposed to end but you don't know what to do in the meantime, right? There is no road map. Why? Because it's a journey designed just for you. That is the way the Lord wants it to be so you can only call on him, not look at how someone else got through it. Sure, there may be similarities but God has something different for you and how you get there. It is by his lead, not someone else.

It's hard when you feel so alone. But God is there with you. King David was chosen and anointed by God to be the next King of Israel. He was running for his life, hiding in caves for years from King Saul. Saul was jealous of David, yet David could not understand why this man wanted him dead. David knew he could have killed him, like he killed the giant Goliath. But because he loved him, he chose to continue to respect him, even if he had to hide. I'm sure he had many moments of discouragement and feeling scared. But he trusted God and learned to encourage himself. David wrote his feelings in Psalms and continued to praise God in the meantime, waiting for his turn. Just like in his youth, he put his trust in God to take care of Saul. 

Your time is coming. The Lord sees your heart and your troubles. He won't leave you nor forsake you, as he promises in his word. In this waiting season, keep trusting him as he leads you. He will teach you what you need for the next season of where he is taking you. It's like breadcrumbs. He gives small bite-sized pieces that you can digest that will lead you to the next stage of the promise. He won't overwhelm you, just gives you enough for right now. One bite at a time. 



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