By: Tamara | June 07, 2017

This was not a surprise to me. Being a new person in Christ would have to have self-control. There is no way a person running around with a mouth like a loose cannon could ever be thought of as a Christian. However, that was me. I have been a Christian since 1982-83ish, and I have had a temper. I said what I wanted in between my up and down insecurity. Before I was a Christian I was one way, then after... I was pretty much the same. That’s sad, but it’s true for many people until the Lord gets them and says, “it’s time.”

I wasn’t a, ‘tell it like it is’ or ‘I have to speak my mind’ kind of person. No. It was in standing up for injustices against people or the wrongs that people committed. I spoke up for others but in the wrong way. If it hu...